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Current Research Students

Our research students join our research community through membership of one of our research clusters or the Centre for Humanities


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Research Areas

Adshead, Jordan 2021 Professor Simon James & Dr Joe Saunders Philosophy: specifically focusing on the study of apathy in the face of climate change by means of broadly phenomenological methods
Ballon Villanueva, Rodrigo 2022 Professor Anna Marmodoro History of Medieval Philosophy and Analytic Metaphysics
Berwin, Bradley 2018 Professor Simon James Virtue, Compassion and Animal Welfare

Betinsky, Jakub


Dr Ben Smith

Ethics (moral realism), Metaphysics, Moral Philosophy (virtue ethics), Fact/value Dichotomy, Philosophy of Action, Elizabeth Anscombe, Bernard Williams, Ludwig Wittgenstein (philosophy of language/mind).
Bell-Clark, Elinor 2023 Professor Peter Vickers Philosophy of Science
Coatsworth, Charles 2021 Dr Joe Saunders Philosophy of Boredom:  Value Theory , History of Philosophy: Phenomenology
Donovan, Amber 2020 Dr Clare MacCumhaill & Professor Simon James Moral and Environmental Philosophy: Gaia
Gillen, Catherine 2021 Professor Peter Vickers Modes of rational decision making in astrobiology under double uncertainty (uncertainty in both probabilities an rewards)
Goz, Zekiye 2018 Dr Sara L. Uckelman The Possibility of Linguistic Creativity in Artificial Intelligence
Greenwood Dower, Caroline 2020 Dr Ben Smith Psychology and Philosophy of Anxiety
Han, Shaoyu 2023 Dr Katherine Puddifoot Philosophy of Language
He, Cui 2022 Professor Matthew Daniel Eddy History and Philosophy of Science
Jiao, Liyuan 2023 Professor Alex Broadbent Casual inference and philosophy of science
Kudtarkar, Gaurav 2021 Professor Philip Goff Metaphysics of the Mind

Lauman-Lairson, Jessica

2018 Dr Sara L. Uckelman Logic or Philosophy of Science
Lawson-Frost, Sasha 2021

Dr Clare MacCumhaill 


Ethics and Moral Philosophy
Lee, Duncan 2021 Professor Philip Goff Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics and Neuroscience

Lehnen, Odile

2022 Professor Matthew Daniel Eddy Celestial Machines: Caroline Herschel Astronomical Notebooks  and the material culture of predigital communication system s (History of Science)
Main, Ruby 2019 Professor Andy Hamilton The other side of the limit: The changing Conception on ‘nonsense’ in Wittgenstein’s early and later work
Malik, Uzma 2021 Professor Nancy Cartwright Philosophy of Science - How can misrepresentations  of reality play an essential roll in explanation
Miah, Labeeba 2023 Dr Katherine Puddifoot Philosophy of Psychology and Philosophy of Psychiatry
Moses, Abigail 2022 Dr Katherine Puddifoot Philosophy of Action and Disability
Navarro Cardenas, Francisco 2024 Professor Alex Broadbent Philosophy of Biology and Philosophy of Medicine
Robson, Matthew 2022 Dr Joe Saunders Masculinity Studies and the Philosophy of Love
Schmalisch, Lenka 2017 Professor Matthew Daniel Eddy Visual Culture - History and philosophy of science and medicine
Symes, Jack 2022 Professor Philip Goff Intersection between Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Religion
Takashima, Eleena 2021 Professor Stephen Mumford Metaphysics (Free Will) Ethics (Moral Responsibility: Blame)
Xu, Yan 2022 Dr Sara L. Uckelman Morality of speech act.
Zarate, Felipe 2023 Dr Sara L. Uckelman Philosophy of Literature



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Postgraduate Study

Durham University's Department of Philosophy is not only a centre for world-class research but also provides a range of postgraduate programmes.
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Taught Courses

Our taught postgraduates are an integral part of our research community and many stay with us for PhD research.
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Graduate Diploma in Philosophy

The Graduate Diploma in Philosophy is a one-year conversion course (two years part-time), designed for those who already have a degree.
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MA in Philosophy

The one-year MA (two years part-time) provides an ideal academic environment for those who would like to study philosophy at a higher level.
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Research Degrees

The department provides its research students with comprehensive training, designed to support their research and professional development towards receiving a PhD.