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Extension Request Form

It is important to note that extensions will only be granted when students have been prevented from meeting a deadline by circumstances which could not have been foreseenIn the interests of fairness, extensions will never be granted to enable a student to improve a piece of work, or when deadlines clash with other commitments which were known in advance. Only in very exceptional circumstances will they be granted when students have experienced last-minute difficulties with computer or library facilities. It is very important that students give themselves enough time to deal with such contingencies in advance of deadlines.

In the event that a student or their representative is unable to submit a request for an application before the deadline, a form may be submitted retrospectively. Such retrospective applications will only be considered if the student furnishes an adequate explanation of their inability to submit the work on time.

Only one extension will be granted for any single piece of work, unless new, unforeseeable circumstances have arisen. It is important, therefore, that any application for an extension takes sensible account of the time which will be required to complete the work. The deadline for submitting all summative work, including work with an approved extension, is by 11 a.m. on the relevant date.

Should your extension application be granted, it will be on the condition that you contact your Academic Advisor at the earliest opportunity to discuss any issues you are having, and to plan the remainder of your work in lieu of the missed deadline.

To request an extension please visit the Philosophy Student SharePoint site or contact the email below.

For extension request queries, contact us via: