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Research Inspired

Explore our collections from home with our online exhibition programme.

Bridging Identities

This online exhibition combines contemporary and historic photography to show how cultural roots and a sense of history helps new communities to form today.
A group of people holding hands and dancing around a living room.

Taxila in Focus: 100 years Since Marshall

This exhibition focuses on the ancient site of Taxila, around 32 kilometres from Pakistan’s federal capital, Islamabad.
Half of the image is in black and white, showing the site in the early 20th century. The other half is a colour 21st century image.

Catch Your Breath

This exhibition tells the story of how our relationship with and understanding of the breath has developed over time.
A diver under a sheet of ice reaches for the surface.

Resilience Within the Rubble

This online exhibition highlights the challenges faced during the process of rebuilding World Heritage Sites in post-disaster situations.
Saptabidhanottar, puja and prayer ceremony held to reanimate the site once post-earthquake work had been completed in December 2016