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USS pensions webinars and videos

Information webinars

To help you understand more about the USS Valuation Process and what it involves we are facilitating information webinars led by an external provider for current and prospective members. Details of these webinars can be found here.

How could the proposed changes impact you?


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Find out how the proposed changes could impact you.

Universities UK has provided a salary calculator that compares monthly pension contribution amounts under the new proposal, against the amount if the higher contribution rate is imposed in April 2022.

They also encourage all USS members to look at a personalised illustration on this modeller to see the potential impact of the changes based on individual data and circumstances.

Russell Group Videos

The Russell Group has produced a set of videos to explain the USS proposal.

USS Equality Impact Assessment

Durham University - USS Equality Impact Assessment Updated 04/22

The EIA is a living document that will be informed and updated through ongoing engagement and data analysis, mitigations will continue to be sought to respond to the impacts on those most likely to be disproportionately impacted by proposals as they emerge.