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Rev Dr Julia Candy, Cuth's Chaplain

Chaplain Julia Candy in the gardenRev Julia Candy Introduction - YouTube

Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Revd Dr Julia Candy and I have the privilege of being the new chaplain of St Cuthbert's Society and Hatfield College. I am incredibly excited to be starting this post, getting to know all of you, and joining the Cuth's community.

 I am originally from the North East of England and, being a proud Geordie, would like to congratulate you for choosing to study in one of the most gorgeous places in the world. If you need any recommendations of where to find the most stunningly beautiful beaches, moorlands, historic buildings, tea rooms, pubs, just ask me!  

 I studied Psychology at Cambridge University and then went on to do a PhD at Queen's University, Belfast, researching the impact political conflict and socio-economic status has upon children's development of national identity and sectarian attitudes. After this I went on to become a lecturer, before then deciding to steer completely 'off course' by doing something very different and becoming a priest in the Church of England. As part of my training for ordination I studied for a degree in Theology and Religious Studies at Cambridge University.

 I have been a priest now for ten years and during most of this time I have worked in London as a parish priest and a hospital chaplain.

 I have a number of interests including the theatre, especially the plays of Beckett, Pinter, and Kane; reading, particularly Russian and French literature, philosophy, and politics; attending art galleries and stand-up comedy. However, most importantly, I regard myself to be one of the Pet Shop Boys' biggest fans and I am well known for evangelising their classic combination of ironic lyrics to stomping disco beats whenever possible, you have been warned..... 

 I regard my central role as your chaplain as being a support to you regardless of whether you have a faith or not. To offer you a non-judgemental, caring space where difficulties and problems can be heard, and important questions can be asked without necessarily being able to find an answer. 

 I will be at Cuth's every Friday, available for you to come and talk, whether that be needing a supportive place for personal concerns or difficulties to be expressed, a space where questions of meaning and spirituality can be thought about, or just a recommendation of the funkiest locations in Newcastle.  

 So, if you see some random woman in a dog collar, do come and say 'hello' as I am greatly looking forward to meeting you.