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Arrival and Welcome Week Testing

All students arriving over the main arrivals weekend on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September are asked to take an LFT test within the 24 hours prior to their arrival. This will be checked when you arrive on site, so please ensure that you bring evidence of your negative test.

Those arriving prior to the main arrivals weekend are asked to also take an LFT test within the 24 hours prior to their arrival and to email evidence of this to on the day of their arrival.

Students should continue to take regular LFT tests at the University sites in the lead up to welcome week.

Please note that those without a negative LFT test result within 24 hours of a College or JCR event, will not be able to participate in welcome week activities. (Including Fresher’s Formals, JCR events or use of the Bars)

If due to exceptional circumstances you are unable to take a test within the 24 hours prior to your arrival, you will be able to take a test at a one of the University test centres after you have moved in. For those arriving over the main arrival weekend further information and guidance will be given to you on the day you arrive. For those arriving before this time, information on how to book an LFT test at a University sites is detailed in the step by step guide below.

Regular Testing

You are expected to take an LFT test within the 24 hours after your arrival in Durham at a University test centre. Freps will provide you with further guidance on your arrival.

Regular testing is required if you wish to participate in wider student experience (WSE)/ Social activities within the University.

Here at Durham we have extensive LFT testing facilities across campus, which are available to all students and staff. We test twice weekly to help minimise Covid-19 transmission within our University community.

Testing twice a week at one of our testing sites will enable you to participate in University-organised WSE activities throughout Welcome week and beyond.

Follow our step-by-step guide to make testing as quick and easy as possible when you arrive. View the step by step guide. (note, this is a Sway newsletter. For ease of reference I have summarised the key points below)


The step-by-step guide is summarised as follows:

  • Step 1: Complete your online enrolment
  • Step 2: Complete our LFT training
  • Step 3: Test before you travel to Durham
  • Step 4. Test when you arrive in Durham
  • Step 5. Keep testing


Pre-Cautionary Measures

The University and College have several pre-cautionary measures in place to help protect you, your fellow students and the wider community. You should take simple steps to protect yourselves and others, emphasising Hands, Face, Space and Fresh Air guidance.

These include –

  • Regular handwashing and sanitising
  • Face Coverings

Please use the hand sanitisation stations which you will find at all building entrances and in the main communal areas within College.


The University require students to wear face masks when inside communal areas, for Cuth’s this includes the main buildings and facilities. Face masks are not required to be worn when within your domestic dwelling (bedrooms, shared kitchens and bathrooms). We acknowledge that some people are unable to wear masks due to medical exemption.


  • Social Distancing
  • Test to participate

For the coming Academic Year, we anticipate operating all activities without social distancing but some reduced capacity, this will be kept under regular review with plans in place should we need to revert to social distancing measures.

However we would ask that you continue to think about and be respectful of other people’s space.


In order to ensure everyone’s safety many University activities and College events will require proof of recent negative LFT tests, as noted above.


  • College Households

All students living in College are allocated to a household group, based on shared facilities. This pre-caution is part of the University’s COVID 19 response.

Further information to follow.