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Hild Bede will be providing self-catered accommodation 2024-2025 at Rushford Court. 

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Formal Dinner Events

Hild Bede has some of the most characterful and exciting formal dining events in Durham. We hold around 7 a year and in addition, a 'freshers formal' for all our new students when they arrive. There are now three College Balls - in Winter, Spring and Summer as well as dining at our College day in the summer. 

We typically dine around 250 at a formal (although we have known it to be more than 300) and have a High Table comprising the Principal and guests. For 2022-23 we expect to hold some formals in other College locations around Durham as well as a variety of other locations such as Beamish Hall. 


students dining 


Informal dining events

For 2022-23 we are also planning to make full use of our Joachim Room - the former Chapel of St Hild's College - and stage smaller dining events of a more informal nature alongiosde operating our College bar.