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Social Spaces

In addition to the Alan Pearson and Carol Carr Common Room, we have a number of other common rooms that you can enjoy:

  • The Junior Common Room: Our JCR is a large open space within the Hild Building which we use of a variety of activities. It is especially good for dance and also frequently used by Hild Bede Cheer because of its high ceilings.

  • The Postgraduate Common Room: We have a very large postgraduate common room equipped with some comfortable settees and also desk space for working.

  • Bede Chapel and our Joachim Room: Our College has two Chapels – each associated with one of our founding Colleges of St Hild and St Bede. The Bede Chapel is a stunning, listed, Art Deco Chapel. It is in use as a place of worship and home to our Chapel Choir but also hosts music performances and rehearsals. Many students, especially those studying music come use the space to record their work.  

    The Joachim room was St Hild’s College Chapel. This space no longer functions as a place of worship but it retains many features of its history including beautiful leaded windows and a fine small organ. We tend to use the Joachim room for events and meetings.

  • The Marquee: for at a week in every term we bring in a marqee to extend our capacity to stage events and activities.
  • The War Memorial: Our College is home to listed war memorial commemorating the names of men who enlisted into the army during World War One and killed in action or died of wounds. We have gathered a detailed history of these alumni of Bede College which you read about in the description of the annual ceremony of the Sounding of Retreat which marks the day on which many men were killed in a single action on the Western Front.