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In the Anthropology Department we strive to create an environment in which students from all backgrounds feel welcome and valued in our academic community. We are currently working to diversify our student community further and are particularly keen to recruit students from backgrounds that are currently under-represented in our department. This includes students local to Durham and the surrounding area, mature students, BAME students, First Generation Scholars, disabled students, international students and students from areas of the UK where few people attend University.

Departmental Diversity Initiatives

Diversifying our student community is not just a ‘box ticking’ exercise – welcoming a more varied cohort of students means including more diverse perspectives and experiences, which can only strengthen our academic practice. You can read more about what we are doing as a department and at the University level to achieve this aim below. 

First Generation Scholars

Our First Generation Scholars (FGS) network is run by FGS students and works to improve the experience for all FGS in Anthropology.
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Decolonising the Curriculum

Our work on Decolonising the Curriculum is led by a working group and we currently teach a Decolonising Anthropology module for our 3rd year students.
Handwritten 'Decolonise The Curriculum' protest sign on brown cardboard box, mounted in window with green ARTH SERIES logo