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Biomolecular Interactions

Bioscience Embedded within Chemistry - Acting Group Coordinator (2023/24): Dr Gary Sharples

Biomolecular interactions, including contacts between biological macromolecules (protein/protein or protein/nucleic acids) and protein-ligand interactions are central to biochemistry. This grouping addresses fundamental questions concerning, for example, the recognition of DNA by bacterial proteins, the biophysical basis of allostery and the supply of metals to proteins. Multiple projects aim to identify targets for new antimicrobial (and antiviral) compounds and typically exploit a wide range of chemical, biochemical, and biophysical methods.

More than half of the members of the group are located in embedded biology laboratories within the Department of Chemistry and PIs have close interactions with the Bioactive Chemistry and Synthesis grouping in Chemistry.



Academic Members

Meet the group

Dr Aakash Basu

Area of Research: Genomics, Chromatin Biology and Single-Molecule Biophysics.
Aakash Basu

Dr Adam Bentham

Area of Research: AI-based protein design to bioengineer novel plant-microbe interactions
Adam Bentham

Professor Tim Blower

Area of Research: Bacteriophage-resistance mechanisms and toxin-antitoxin systems

Professor Martin Cann

Area of Research: Carbon dioxide sensing

Dr Peter Chivers

Area of Research: Bacterial metal homeostasis

Professor Paul Denny

Area of Research: Protozoan biochemistry & drug targets

Dr Karrera Djoko

Area of Research: Bacterial Infectious Diseases

Professor Sushma Grellscheid

Area of Research: RNA Genomics
Sushma Grellscheid

Professor Jonathan Heddle

Area of Research: Biological Nanomachines
Jonathan Heddle

Dr Ting Yu-Lin

Area of Research: Structural Biology
Ting-Yu Lin

Dr Liz Morris

Area of Research: Structural Biology, Biophysics, Biochemistry and Virology
Liz Morris

Professor Ehmke Pohl

Area of Research: Structural Biology

Professor Nigel Robinson

Area of Research: Cell Biology of Metals

Dr Martin Schroeder

Area of Research: Molecular Cell Biology

Dr Gary Sharples

Area of Research: Phage proteins and new antibacterials

Recent Publications

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Djoko Y. Karrera. (2023) Control of nutrient metal availability during host-microbe interactions: beyond nutritional immunity JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry

Atreyee Mishra, Karrera Y. Djoko, Yi-Hsuan Lee, Rianne M. Lord, Grace Kaul, Abdul Akhir, Deepanshi Saxena, Sidharth Chopra and James W. Walton. (2023) Water-soluble copper pyrithione complexes with cytotoxic and antibacterial activity  Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry

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