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Ecology, Evolution and Environment

Group Coordinator: Professor Bob Baxter

Our Research Group explores the relationships between organisms and their changing environment, working at scales from global to sub-cellular, whilst considering also behavioural and evolutionary plasticity.

The primary interests of the group are the role of evolution in shaping species relationships with their environment, the role of behaviour in modifying individual variation, and the impact of environmental change, particularly global climatic change and anthropogenic habitat alteration, on species.

To inform the development of biodiversity conservation strategies resilient to climatic change (and the many other pressures causing biodiversity loss), we apply simulation models to predict the impacts of such changes on biodiversity. Statistical and mechanistic models are being developed and applied to make robust predictions of the responses of species and ecosystems to environmental change.

Affiliated Members: Professor Marc Knight, Professor Heather KnightDr Adrian Brennan

Academic Members

Meet the group

Prof Robert Baxter

Area of Research: Climate Change Biology

Dr John Bothwell

Area of Research: Algal Evolution and Physiology

Professor Guillaume Chomicki

Area of Research: Evolution and ecology of mutualisms
Guillaume Chomicki

Dr Jonathan Drury

Area of Research: Species Interactions & Evolution

Prof Rus Hoelzel

Area of Research: Molecular Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Dr Christine Howard

Area of Research: Macroecology and Conservation
Dr Christine Howard

Prof Martyn Lucas

Area of Research: Aquatic Animal Ecology

Dr Rebecca Senior

Area of Research: Conservation & Global Change Ecology
Rebecca Senior

Prof Phil Stephens

Area of Research: Applied population ecology

Dr Sean Twiss

Area of Research: Animal Behaviour: Individual differences in behaviour and stress reactivity

Dr Andreanna Welch

Area of Research: Ecological & Evolutionary Genetics

Prof Steve Willis

Area of Research: Conservation & Climate Change Biology

Recent Publications

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