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Undergraduate Courses

At Durham we offer the following Chemistry courses:

BSc Chemistry

The BSc course is an ideal preparation for those who want to demonstrate their degree-level literacy, numeracy and independent study skills prior to a career in, for example, finance or management. The degree concludes with a final year research-led, literature-based dissertation, in which you explore and critically analyse an area of chemistry literature, demonstrating the research skills you have developed. 

MChem Chemistry

The MChem degrees culminates in a research project where you will be embedded within a research group in Durham, industry or at an overseas university. The project may be contributing to an established research project or you may be breaking ground in a new area of research. Your project will develop your understanding, problem-solving and practical skills.

MChem Chemistry (Industrial Route)

On the MChem Chemistry (Industrial Project) you will undertake a final-year research placement in industry. Several companies offer projects each year, and you are encouraged to look widely for specific companies offering placement schemes that interest you. Projects are typically in the areas of synthetic drug design, computational drug discovery, catalysis, polymer synthesis and characterisation, and materials and composites chemistry. You will gain experience, knowledge, and skills from the business world, and independent living skills.

MChem Chemistry (International Route)

On the MChem Chemistry (Overseas Project) you follow a final-year research placement within a research group at a university in Europe or at one of Durham’s global partners. This degree offers a great opportunity to develop your language skills and independent living skills.  In recent years students have studied in Germany, USA, Holland and Spain. 

Natural Sciences

Chemistry also forms part of our Natural Sciences degree courses. Our Natural Sciences degree programmes allow you to combine subjects to design a broader (two or more) degree programme or follow one of a large number of Joint Honours degrees. Put simply, if you are a scientist and want to combine more than one subject at Durham University then you need to apply for Natural Sciences.

BSc Natural Sciences

The BSc Natural Sciences degree programme allows you to combine subjects to design your own broad based (two or more) degree programme or follow one of a large number of Joint Honours degrees. 

MSci Natural Sciences

The MSci in Natural Sciences allows you to take modules from a range of subjects, but you would normally specialise in at least one of the following subjects in your fourth year: Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Mathematics and Physics.

The MSci Joint Honours degrees are available in the following combinations: Biology and Chemistry, Biology and Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics, and Mathematics and Physics.