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Curriculum Framework 

The design for Common Awards programmes and modules was developed by the Ministry Development Team in partnership with the TEIs, and in consultation with Durham. 

The Common Awards Curriculum Framework is split into a two-tier structure which setoverall regulations and boundaries, but which permits TEIs some flexibility in how they operate within those boundaries. The design of the Common Awards curricula is guided by the need to balance flexibility and commonality. The Common Awards programmes can accommodate the strengths and specialisms of TEIs while maintaining the level of commonality required by the Church and the University.  

The common overarching framework provides a common core and set of parameters to ensure that all programmes in the Common Awards Scheme are comparable, consistent, and coherent 

TEIs use this overarching framework to create pathways that are designed to meet the particular needs of their student body, denominational requirements, or institutional expertise. TEIs' individual TEI pathways through the overarching programmes are documented using the following:  

The T3 is designed to show which modules are approved for delivery for that programme, and allow someone to view the programme at a glance. The T3s are the main tool used in the curriculum development process for deciding whether a TEI's pathways can be approved.

The T4 goes into more detail about how the modules will be taught and assessed, enabling the Common Awards team to check that assessment and learning hour arrangements for each module are within Common Awards parameters.

The T5 confirms which modules contribute to which programme learning outcomes, and is used by the Common Awards to detect any gaps in a pathway's meeting of learning outcomes.

Initial approval of TEI’s programme documentation is the responsibility of Durham University – although some pathways may also require approval through partner churches processes. Changes to these pathways require different approval processes depending on the nature and scale of the proposed change.  

TEIs are responsible for deciding upon the number and type of staff required to teach and support Common Awards programmes. TEIs should consider this when creating and developing their programmes. 

The information in this section sets out key information on the common overarching curriculum framework. TEIs should consult our Principles for Programme Design page if they are proposing to introduce one of the Common Awards programmes that has not previously been offered in their institution, or are considering making changes to an existing programme already offered. TEIs should consult our Curriculum Development pages before submitting any proposals to make changes to their existing programmes or modules.

Additional Curriculum Framework Resources: