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Durham University Evidence Centre for Education (DECE) 

The main purpose of DECE is to improve the uptake of trustworthy research evidence in education, and so benefit learners and society. DECE also generates, assesses, synthesises and promotes robust evidence to inform education policy and practice. We take a lifelong and society-wide view of education, with a particular interest in inequalities and educational justice. We take the wider outcomes of education seriously, looking beyond attainment and cognitive development to outcomes such as mental health, well-being, attitudes and aspirations, personality, trust and civic participation. We promote, evaluate and monitor the impact of high-quality education research, and help build research capacity. The members of the Centre and their networks provide a rich blend of perspectives - including educational sociologists, psychologists, economists, geographers, health scientists, methodologists, and practitioners.

Please visit the DECE webpages for further information or contact the cluster lead Professor Stephen Gorard

For information about our members, see the research directory: DECE