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Intercultural, International, and Comparative Education (IICE)

We centre on intercultural, international, multidisciplinary, and multilingual research in educational contexts. We are positioned in international and comparative frameworks to uncover social injustices and educational inequalities, focusing on diversity, mobility and immobility and their impact on educational opportunity.

We bring diverse approaches to our projects, which advance understandings of intercultural and international educational issues through critical, interpretive, and comparative lenses. Social, spatial and linguistic inequalities are central to our synergies, including explorations around educational inequalities between the ‘Global North’ and ‘Global South’.
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Cluster Members

Our Themes

At Durham University’s School of Education research topics currently addressed in the thematic cluster Intercultural, International, and Comparative Education (IICE) include but are not limited to:

  • Critical intercultural pedagogy (Prue Holmes, Antonia Manresa)
  • Creative arts and intercultural education (Prue Holmes, Sophie Ward)
  • Digital inequalities (Cristina Costa)
  • Intercultural, international, and transnational higher education in China and East Asia (Prue Holmes, Catherine Montgomery)
  • Internationalisation and decolonising of the curriculum and knowledge (Catherine Montgomery)
  • Intersectionality in intercultural and international education (Prue Holmes, Antonia Manresa, Oakleigh Welply)
  • Language and intercultural communication (Mike Byram, Prue Holmes, Tinghe Jin, Antonia Manresa, Oakleigh Welply)
  • Migration, mobilities and immobilities in international and intercultural education (Prue Holmes, Catherine Montgomery, Oakleigh Welply, Cora Xu)
  • Researching multilingually: languages (of researchers and participants) in research (Prue Holmes)
  • Social justice, youth participation, and intercultural responsibility (Prue Holmes, Antonia Manresa, Rille Raaper, Oakleigh Welply, Cora Xu)
  • Intercultural reflection on teaching and learning (Nicola Reimann, Julie Rattray)

Study with us

Our programmes cover a wide range of issues and topics and some of our work overlaps with psycholinguistics, general linguistics and, to some extent, sociolinguistics.


  • BA Education Studies
  • BA Primary Teaching
  • PGCE ITE programmes at primary and secondary levels
  • MA Education 
  • MA Intercultural Education and Education
  • MSc Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition (full-time only)
  • MSc Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching (part-time only)