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Research Challenges

Durham University is recognised as one of the leading centres of research in Engineering in the world. The Department’s research covers a wide range of topics, which are divided into three Challenge Areas which are described below. On a day-to-day basis we organise what we do in research under our 8 Research Nodes.


Advanced Materials, Electronics & Communications

Understanding and exploiting the electronic, physical, chemical and biological properties of materials at the nanoscale and up. Find out more..

Future Energy Systems

Formulating innovative solutions to current and future energy related challenges and opportunities from both a UK and global perspective. Find out more..

Sustainable Infrastructure

Tackling the challenge of ensuring sustainability and resilience of the infrastructure that underpins our society and economy. Find out more..

Our Research Challenges are important because they encourage interdisciplinary research within the Department and national and international cooperation. The scope of the Department's research is expanded even further through participation in cross-faculty Research Institutes.