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Probability in our Mathematical Sciences

Probability is one of the research groups within our Department of Mathematical Sciences. The group is actively involved in research in many areas of probability and its applications.
Graph on an ipad

New simulations shed light on origins of Saturn’s rings and icy Moons 

A new series of supercomputer simulations has offered an answer to the mystery of the origins of Saturn’s rings - one that involves a massive collision in the recent history of the 4.5 billion year old Solar System.
A simulation of an impact between two icy moons in orbit around Saturn, ejecting debris that could evolve into the planet's iconic and remarkably young rings

My Durham Story - Owen Bell

We caught up with Owen Bell who graduated from our department of Mathematical Sciences last year.
Picture of maths graduate Owen Bell

Historic double murder inspires French novel

A literary fiction novel inspired by a real-life double murder in 1930s France has been published by Professor Catherine Dousteyssier-Khoze from our School of Modern Languages and Cultures.
Professor Catherine Dousteyssier-Khoze from our School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Revealing the secrets of hidden supermassive black holes

Our astronomers are helping to shed light on hidden supermassive black holes that could further our understanding of galaxy evolution.
Artist's impression of a very bright, red quasar enshrouded by gas and dust against a black background.

Championing students in high-performance computing with Student Cluster Competitions

In our top-rated Department of Computer Science, we offer an unparallel support and opportunities for our students to excel in the world of complex computing.
Computer science students

Understanding early human cave art

A psychological phenomenon where people see meaningful forms in random patterns, such as seeing faces in clouds, may have stimulated early humans to make cave art.
A Palaeolithic painting of an aurochs from the cave of La Pasiega. The artist traced the natural cracks in the cave wall when painting the head, horns, and back leg of the animal

Ensuring Durham stays a wonderful place to study, work and live

Our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Karen O'Brien, explores how we are putting sustainability at the heart of our operations.
Professor Karen O'Brien, Vice-Chancellor and Warden of Durham University, stood smiling with arms folded, in front of bookshelves

Durham ranked top 30 in Europe

We’re at the forefront of academic excellence and our global rankings reflect that status. We’re pleased to announce that we have been ranked 27th in Europe in the new QS World University Rankings: Europe 2024.
Students at campus

A new phase of expansion for our Department of Mathematical Sciences

Since the inception of our Mathematical Sciences department, we have expanded significantly. Our student and staff numbers have gone up resulting in an enhanced global research reputation for Maths.
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Empowering women in Computer Science research and High-Performance Computing

In our Computer Science Department, we are delighted to be playing a key role in improving diversity and opportunity for women.
women in a classroom

Celebrating Sports at Durham

We welcomed students, staff, alumni, members of the wider community and partners to celebrate the culmination of our year as Times and Sunday Times Sports University of the Year 2023.
A speech is held in front of banners