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Alumna, banking pioneer and green business leader to be honoured

Our graduates go on to enjoy inspiring careers and make a significant, lasting impact around the globe. We’re very pleased to be honouring one of them as she makes her way to Glasgow for COP26.
Headshot of Alison Rose, Chief Executive of NatWest

Climate change might make winter bird migration a thing of the past

Experts from our Department of Biosciences think this is a possibility after new research found that some species of trans-Saharan migratory birds, like Nightingales and Willow Warblers, are spending as many as 50-60 fewer days a year in their non-breeding grounds in Africa.
Image showing Yellow Wagtail

Lumiere 2021 - Researching the fundamentals of time

As part of this year’s Lumiere light festival our Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics will be lit-up with a projection entitled 'Chronos', telling the story of time from nanoseconds to millennia. Here we explore how experts in our Department of Physics are behind research to measure time ever more accurately.
Image showing rendering of Chronos by Leslie Epsztein and Camille Gross, a new commission that will be presented at Lumiere 2021

Countdown to COP26 – Working with nature to address the climate crisis

Durham is home to world-leading research into how we can work with nature to find ways to address the climate crisis.
City park in the sunshine

Tackling the ‘Moothane’ problem - cutting greenhouse gas from livestock

Did you know that methane released by animals such as cows accounts for about 50 per cent of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, and that one third of this is released indoors, in barns and sheds?
Image of a cow in a barn

University signs esports partnership with LDN UTD in UK university first

Durham has become the first UK University to form a collaboration with social purpose driven esports org LDN UTD. Working with the leading esports organisation, the partnership will bring the benefits of esports to students as well as the wider Durham community.
Esports DUEGS students gaming on big screen

Astronomers see white dwarf switch on and off

White dwarfs are what most stars become after burning off the hydrogen that fuels them. Now our astronomers have seen one of these galactic objects switching on and off for the first time.
Artist’s impression example of a white dwarf – in this image the white dwarf MV Lyrae – accreting as it draws in material from a companion star

Working locally to connect globally

We’re proud to be a global university, with staff and students from over 130 countries and an alumni network spanning the world.
DGA partners and children hold a banner launching the initiative

Students take key role in ground-breaking bacterial research

Undergraduate students from our Biosciences Department have joined forces with some of our leading academics and also colleagues from Northumbria and Liverpool Universities to identify two defence systems that protect bacteria from viruses.

Infrared light therapy might aid dementia patients

We’re working on a new infrared light therapy that might have the potential to help people with dementia.
Tracy Sloan, who took part in a trial study to test the effectiveness of the infrared light therapy helmet she is wearing.

New neutron lifetime measurement “key” to understanding early universe

A research team has refined its measurements of a particle that could be “key” to understanding the early universe.
Infographic to show the lifespan of a neutron

Explore the beauty of Spanish art

Did you know we have an international Centre for the study of Spanish and Latin American art?
Spanish Gallery