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We have joined the new £4.17m Digital Health Hub ‘NortHFutures’

We are part of a ground-breaking £4.17m Digital Health Hub for the North East and Cumbria, in collaboration with five universities and seven NHS trusts.
Digital health hub

Slow and steady wins the race with primate release

Meet Brek, Kiki de Mpacka, Vue de Loin and Kento – four rescued mandrills who were released back into the wild as part of a project led by our anthropologists.
A montage image of four mandrills

Carbon neutral heat beneath our feet ‘could supply large parts of UK’

New research from some of our leading energy experts has shown that the UK sits on underground heat capable of providing sustainable, carbon-neutral heating and cooling for large areas of the nation.
Geothermal vent

Key climate temperature goals could be too high

Scientists – including one of Durham’s leading glaciologists - and several countries highly vulnerable to climate change have warned that key global temperature goals might be too high.
A snow and icy landscape with a clear blue sky

Go Green at Greenspace Festival

Our third annual Greenspace Festival will take place on Wednesday 14 June, from 12pm – 5pm at Grey College. The festival celebrates our student environment groups, researchers, local charities and sustainable businesses, by showcasing the work they do to tackle climate change and drive sustainable development.
Greenspace Festival 2023

Development of communication in chimpanzees echoes that of human infants

Our closest living relatives could help us better understand how communication evolved in humans and how our own language skills emerge.
A young chimpanzee stands in grassland

New English literature scholarship launched for British students of Black heritage 

We’re launching a new scholarship scheme to support UK students of Black heritage to study English literature at Durham, where their financial circumstances may be a barrier to them accessing higher education.  
Three female students walking down a corridor chatting

Championing student voices at Durham Film Festival

Durham Film Festival is back for 2023 to champion student voices from across the globe. The festival will take place on 12 and 13 June at the Gala Theatre and Cinema in Durham city centre.
Student technicians using lighting deck at the Mark Hillery Arts and Music Centre

World Top 100 Success for Durham’s Sustainability activities

The University has been named as one of the Top 100 educational institutions worldwide in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2023, demonstrating our commitment to a sustainable future.
A man watering plants in the Botanic Garden on a sunny day

Strengthening and expanding protected areas of existing parks is crucial for biodiversity conservation

In a new study, bioscientists argue that strengthening the protection given to areas already protected under law or by local communities is as critical for safeguarding biodiversity as creating new protected areas.
Protected area for at risk species

Durham to host the Inter-University Musical Theatre Festival 2024

Durham University Musical Theatre Troupe were crowned the winners of the Inter-University Musical Theatre Festival (IUMTF). The festival was held at the Warwick Arts Centre on Saturday 20 May 2023 and following the victory, Durham will host next year’s competition.
A group of students standing in a line smiling

Oriental Museum hosts ‘Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki’ exhibition

A new exhibition opening soon at our Oriental Museum depicts the horrors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing.  
The ruins of a cathedral surrounded by rubble