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Renewed Partnership with National Museum of Japanese History

The Oriental Museum held an event recently to renew Durham University’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Museum of Japanese History and celebrate the highly valued partnership.
A group of people participating in a virtual meeting.

Double Durham Winners Of The Bright Network Society Of The Year Awards

Huge congratulations to two Durham societies for their success at last week’s Bright Network Society of the Year Awards. Both Durham University Electric Motorsport (DUEM) and Durham University Women in Business (DUWIB) were voted winners in their categories which reflects the commitment and enthusiasm of Durham students towards their passions and interests that complement their studies.
A row of glass awards

A word from our new Vice-Chancellor

Our new Vice-Chancellor and Warden, Professor Karen O’Brien, introduces herself and acknowledges two current initiatives that demonstrate how the University can benefit and is benefitting the North-East.
Professor Karen O'Brien, Vice-Chancellor and Warden of Durham University, stood smiling with arms folded, in front of bookshelves

New anti-social noise procedure encourages students to be good neighbours

The University has worked in partnership with Durham Constabulary, Durham County Council and others, to introduce a new procedure for responding to reports of anti-social noise from students in Durham City. The aim of this partnership and the procedure is to encourage positive citizenship and good relationships between students and the local community.

Professor Carlene Firmin gets the Green Light

Professor Carlene Firmin, MBE, delivered her inaugural lecture in style with over 2500 participants registering to watch online.
Professor Carlene Firmin

Guidelines on Physical Activity for Disabled Children and Young People

Disabled children and young people will be supported to be more physically active following the publication of new guidelines from the UK Chief Medical Officers (CMOs). The guidelines are underpinned by research from our Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Bristol and Disabilities Rights UK.
Family exercising playing football.

The colourful Holi Festival is back at the Oriental Museum

Students and community volunteers will spring into action to help celebrate the spectacular Indian festival of Holi at Durham University’s Oriental Museum.
Hindu festival of Holi at Durham University’s Oriental Museum

Still time to get involved in Student Volunteering Week

Student volunteering week (7 to 13 February) is now well underway and has seen some great work done by our students over the last few days, but there is still plenty of time to get yourself involved!
Student Volunteering Week

Year of the Tiger celebrations in Durham City

As a global University, with staff and students from over 120 countries, we were delighted to take part in celebrations across Durham City centre on 5 February to welcome the Year of the Tiger. This event marked a particular highlight in Durham’s varied cultural calendar.
Tea drinking, Lion dance parade and dancing at the Durham City Year of the Tiger celebrations

Durham Revue team up with Cambridge Footlights for ‘ComedyFest!

Hot on the heels of recent sell-out runs across the country, Durham Revue our very own nationally renowned sketch comedy troupe, are bringing their hilarious new material to a home audience at Gala Durham this February - and they won’t be alone. They will be joined by Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning, The Cambridge Footlights, to present ‘ComedyFest!’
Durham Revue ComedyFest

Scientists unveil most accurate virtual representation of the Universe

An international team of researchers, including Professor Carlos Frenk, Professor Adrian Jenkins and Dr. John Helly from our Department of Physics, has produced the largest and most accurate computer simulation to date of our local patch of the Universe.
Virtual Universe

Coronavirus conspiracy believers might be less likely to follow public health measures

Coronavirus conspiracy theories have spread rapidly during the pandemic. But does belief in such theories affect how likely someone is to follow Covid-19 public health guidelines?
Image showing a face mask