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Science in the Garden

Durham University Botanic Garden is a working Botanic Garden which, as well as being open to the public, aims to support the teaching and research of Durham University’s students. For this reason, many of the plants in the garden have been chosen for their scientific, alongside their decorative, interest. As a result, the Botanic Garden contains a wide variety of rare, fascinating plants that makes it a must-visit for plant lovers in the North East.  

Apart from the scientific significance of its flora and fauna, the garden has also been chosen very often as the location for hosting various projects originating from different departments of the University. 

In this section, you can read about the present and past projects in the garden and find out more about how the garden and the scientific community collaborate with each other. 

Carboniferous Garden

Students from our Department of Earth Sciences have created a garden to tell the story of coal in County Durham. Find out more about our Carboniferous Garden.