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Art in the Garden

In addition to the exhibitions of local artists’ work frequently displayed in our Visitor Centre, the Garden itself hosts some unique pieces of artwork. This juxtaposition of art and nature offers a distinctive touch to the garden, with children and adults alike enjoying exploring these sculptures. 

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Basil Bunting

Learn more about our artwork featuring one of Basil Bunting’s most entertaining and illuminating quotes.
Basil Bunting Quote

Foxglove Sculpture

Inspired both to the omnipresent cathedral with its bells, and to the bells - tubular flowers- of the numerous foxgloves which surround the post.
Foxglove Sculpture


Learn more about Fun-Gate, created as the gateway to our native woodland by local artist Graeme Hopper.
Fun-Gate close-up


Learn more about our Heron, who stands sentinel over the pond in the Prince Bishop’s Garden.
Metallic Heron

Millenium Bug

Learn more about the Millenium Bug, by local artist Graeme Hopper, and inspired by the Millennium.
Millennium Bug

Prince Bishops' Garden

Explore more about Prince Bishops’ Garden, designed by Sunderland artist Colin Wilbourn for the Garden Festival at Gateshead in 1990.
Prince Bishops' Garden

Terracotta Warrior

Learn more about our replica of one of the famous the terracotta warriors that protected the tomb of the First Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, who died in 210 BCE.
Terracotta Warrior

Vessels of Life

Explore more about Vessels of Life, a piece by distinguished artist, Ranjitsinh Gaekwad, inspired by water.
Botanic Garden Vessels of Life sculpture