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Junior Common Room

The JCR (short for Junior Common Room) is the name for the undergraduate body within college, but it’s so much more than just that – it does a huge amount for its members and contributes a great deal to the unique Durham University experience. It’s sort of like a students’ union, but only for undergraduates at Castle! 

The JCR is run by elected officers, is self-governed and is in charge of its own finances and activities. The JCR has more than 30 sports and societies, a wildly successful outreach programme (CCA) that donates many hundreds of hours to the local community each year, an ever-supportive student peer welfare team, an expanding careers service, consistently outstanding balls, regular gowned formals in the Great Hall, access to a bar (the Undercroft, or Undie) in the 1000 year-old Castle undercroft, the most moreish Café in Durham, and much more. The JCR also performs the crucial function of representing Castle’s undergraduates to the rest of college (the MCR, SCR and College Office), the Durham Students’ Union and the University. 

Everyone who comes to Durham for an undergraduate degree is welcomed and encouraged to become a member of the JCR at their college, by paying the membership levy. We cannot emphasise enough the benefits of being in the JCR, and we are sure that soon you’ll love it as much as the second, third and fourth years all do! In the meantime, you can follow us on Instagram (University College JCR (@castlejcr) • Instagram photos and videos) and like our Facebook page (University College JCR, Durham) to stay updated.