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Chemistry for Health

Durham chemistry undertakes research with life-scientists, engineers and clinicians to on topics ranging from infectious diseases through to diagnostic sensors and human-integrated devices. 

Research Section Members

Prof Patrick Steel (Head of Section)

Research Areas: Chemical Biology, Sustainable Chemistry and Catalysis, Heterocycle synthesis, C-H activation, Aromatic C-H borylation
PSteel Final

Dr David Carty

Research Areas: Precision quantification of trace gases, Control of chemical reactions at extremes of low temperature, Precision spectroscopy for fundamental physics
DCarty Final

Prof Steven Cobb

Research Areas: Chemical-biology, infectious diseases, medicinal chemistry, lifesciences, healthcare technologies, new biomaterials, animate materials, IP generation
SCobb Final

Dr Sharon Cooper

Research Areas: Crystallisation in Confinement, Polymorphism, Nanocrystal synthesis under ambient conditions, Colloidal and Nanostructured Systems
Scooper Final

Prof Aurora Cruz-Cabeza

Research Areas: Molecular Crystals,Pharmaceuticals, Polymorphism, Crystallisation, Cocrystals and Ionic Cocrystals, Solvate, Hydrate Formation, Crystal Structures
ACruzCabeza Final

Dr Amy Hall

Research Areas: Crystal engineering, Pharmaceutical solid forms, Mechanochemistry, Solid state analysis, Pharmaceutics
AHall Final

Dr Clare Mahon

Research Areas: Biophysical techniques, Synthetic polymer chemistry, Macromolecular characterisation
CMahon Final

Dr Lars Olof-Palsson

Research Areas: Photosynthetic systems, Sensing surfaces, Functionalised TCNQ adducts, Optical spectroscopy
LOlafPalsson Final

Prof Rob Pal

Research Areas: Spectroscopy and Optical Microscopy, Circularly Polarised Luminescence and its applications, Light driven molecular nanomachines,
RPal Final

Prof Ehmke Pohl

Research Areas: Neurodegenerative diseases, Computational structural biology, High-throughput screening, Structure-based drug design
EPohl Final

Dr John Sanderson

Research: Lipid Chemistry and Biophysics, Membrane-Active Peptides, Membrane Proteins, Amino Acid-Lipid Interactions, Amino Acid Uptake in Plants
JSanderson Final

Prof Jon Steed

Research Areas: The Molecular Solid State: Pharmaceuticals, Hydrates and Understanding Crystal Packing, Supramolecular Gels
JSteed Final

Dr James Walton

Research Areas: Design, synthesis and evaluation of organometallic complexes, organometallic platinum group metal complexes as therapeutic agents
JWalton Final