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Financial and Disability Support

Financial Support 

Common Awards students may be eligible to receive statutory support (Tuition Fee Loans, Maintenance Loans/Grants, Disability Support and supplementary grants) from Student Finance England (and equivalents in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) if your TEI has been “designated” for statutory support under the Education (Student Support) Regulations 2011 (and with regard to the Common Awards programmes specifically). For advice on obtaining designation, please contact the Common Awards Team for advice in the first instance. 

Common Awards students are not Durham University students for statutory support purposes, and are therefore unable to apply for statutory support (including Disability Support) as Durham University students. If a student mistakenly applies for statutory support as a Durham University student, please contact the Common Awards Team in the first instance. 

Disability Support 

The University is able to provide advice to members of staff in TEIs in relation to disability support for Common Awards students. We may be able to offer advice on matters relating to support for students who have: 

  • a recognised disability; 
  • a specific learning difference (SpLD); 
  • a medical condition; 
  • or a mental health problem that impacts upon their ability to participate fully in their programme of studies. 

Please note that while the University is not able to provide assessment or screening of students, we may be able to offer general advice to TEI staff. Members of staff in the TEIs are encouraged to contact the Common Awards Team in the first instance for any advice and guidance relating to disability support. The Common Awards Team will liaise with the relevant members of staff within the University, including staff in the University’s Disability Support Team, and will provide a response to you as quickly as possible.  

See our Reasonable Adjustments page for further guidance on the process for designing an alternative assignment as a reasonable adjustment for a student with a particular disability.