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An examination of existing resources for Interim Ministers in the Church of England leading to development of online training material

Elizabeth Jordan, St Mellitus

Initial Description

This project will examine and evaluate the resources which are provided by the Interim Ministry Network of N. America in order to discern whether material should be developed that meets the needs of English Interim Ministers. IMs assist a local church in the process of transition between one long term minister and whatever future arrangement they face. They are often appointed when there has been a pastoral breakdown, financial loss or failure to carry out the church’s mission. The term of appointment, enabled by changes in the terms of Common Tenure, is usually for 18 months to 3 years, though some dioceses keep a ‘bank’ of IMs, to be deployed as needed. This is an emerging and increasing form of ministry for which there is, at present, no training or resources specific to the needs of a Church of England parish. IMs have been appointed in the churches of the United States and Canada for more than 4 decades. They are also widely used in the Church of Scotland and in the URC. There is a body of knowledge and experience from which to draw. This project will act in partnership with the Diocese in Europe which is also investigating the transferability of the American and Scottish models. This will enable effective examination of our respective cultures and the similarities and differences which exist.


Download the Jordan report  and Jordan report supplement 2018.