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How the Bible is taught in the Common Awards Institutions

Richard Briggs, Cranmer Hall

Project Description

We intend to research the question of how the Bible is taught in the Common Awards institutions, with two main goals. The first is to establish the current state of biblical teaching in (primarily) Church of England training for ministry. Here we wish to collect data indicating what is currently taught – specifically in terms of content and coverage; what theological and hermeneutical aspects are taught; and any extent to which the context of formation for Anglican ministry shapes the biblical studies syllabus. The second is to develop focused proposals for further research. There is no fixed agenda to pursue specific questions for this stage, but it is easy to imagine that they could include questions of how the Bible should be taught in Anglican formational contexts; comparisons with the teaching of the Bible in UK university departments, or in non-Anglican Christian colleges; and the investigation of how curates and others further on in ministry evaluate their experience of being taught the Bible in the light of later (ministerial) experiences.


Download the full Briggs seedcorn report.