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How is mission taught and received under Common Awards across different TEIs?


Steve Hollinghurst, YTEP

Initial Description

Churches are increasingly recognising the importance of mission as an essential part of their ministry so how it is taught in theological colleges and courses, and how that is received by those going into ministry is very important.

Common Awards stipulates that at least 20 Credits must come from modules in the Ministry and Mission category at both level 4 and level 5. What subjects are being taught by TEIs that are deemed by them to have a focus on Mission in some form? Are there TEIs choosing to teach no courses from this category at all? How is this teaching received by those training for different forms of ministry in different types of courses and across church traditions? How does it equip them for mission and what impact might this have on the churches they minister within?

We intend to discover what is being taught across the TEIs and note any patterns present. We then intend to interview a sample of those who have taken these courses across a range of TEIs which represent residential and non-residential training and different church traditions. We want to talk to students who are currently studying but also those who have finished their studies and are now in ministry in some form. In doing this we want to assess the way these courses have been received as part of the training both at the time and then later the impact they have on ministry in the churches they serve in. We want to know if these students are finding that teaching on mission they received is increasing their under-standing of mission and informing their ministry. Most importantly are there lessons to be learned about the impact of particular courses and the delivery of courses that can inform good practice across the TEIs?