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Your 2023-24 student reps are:


Simon Hall



New to academic study, after a 40 year break (following GCE ‘O’ Levels in 1981) – absolutely adoring the Common Awards programme of study, even if at times a little overwhelmed by it all!  Can’t get over the amazing feeling of learning, much of which has been residing in me somewhere but never really brought to the surface until now, by the style and content of the course.  Could never have believed that I would have studied at Durham but for the nature of this course and, best of all, it’s about bringing and using what we take from our studies to engage fully and support the evolution of our everyday contexts – wow!


Background: Anglican for first 46 years of life (father was a liberal Anglican rector in Norfolk, known for re-marrying lots of divorcees back in the day!) now a Unitarian for past 12 years or so.  Love ritual, as part of worship and life in general.  Extremely practical and musically orientated and a qualified Lay Worship Leader within our denomination (just about to commence ‘advanced’ level training).  Service to and being in community, achieved through innovation with inspiration is my mantra, particularly as I’m an #ENFP (MBTI) and Type2 (Enneagram)  Some might say that I can be a tad effusive too perhaps?


Currently live in rural Northamptonshire with my husband (David – a musical theatre composer predominantly and occasional IT consultant within the public arena of Social Care)  I interact well with everyone, even if I don’t always agree entirely with their views, excelling in communication/relationship skills, having been a manager working in a truly collaborative and equitable fashion for my working life (since the age of 18).


History of service and representation, from School Council, through Youth Council (Youth Mayor in Great Yarmouth in 1983), Rotary (Past President – Dulwich & Peckham in south London) to political campaigning for many years – a genuine ‘activist’ by nature. 

Kaarina Leong



I love learning and am passionate about its importance in equipping learners for their futures. I have twenty-one years of experience as a teacher and served as a school governor for Standards and Effectiveness for five years. I understand how external standards and expectations can influence internal practices, and thus when issues are raised, whether it is likely that they can be resolved internally.

As someone on a bespoke pathway (2021-2025) who has experienced both part-time and full-time training, I have insight into the advantages and challenges of both pathways. I am friendly and approachable. As a person of Global Majority Heritage, I would also like to ensure that GMH students are sufficiently represented on and to the Common Awards Management Board. 

Izzy McDonald-Booth



As a student currently training for Reader ministry and really passionate about the delivery of excellent training for all lay and ordained ministries, I feel I would make a good representative of and for the student body. I am currently studying alongside a full time job, so I bring a particular perspective – but I will also seek to represent other perspectives across the TEI network. 

As a member of General Synod and as a board member and then chair of Lindisfarne College of Theology for the past 7 years I have a good understanding of the structures of the CofE and the Common Awards system of theological education. I feel very strongly that education should be shared with our friends in other churches – we all have much to learn from one another. Now having a different perspective as part of the student body I can see the issues from a different viewpoint.

I would love to represent students in this way and would be happy and confident to put forward your views to the board in a constructive and positive way. I feel very strongly that students should be represented at board level and be part of that ongoing discussion about how we do things and should be always seeking to make improvements. I commit to ongoing discussion with students I will seek to represent wherever they may be.