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Germany, 1959. Passport control of German tourists during the Cold War on the German-Czech border.

The book deals with the experiences of Romanian Germans in the twentieth century - a subject that has hitherto been neglected in English-language scholarship

Migrating Memories, published by Cambridge University Press, was released in December of last year, and charts the story of German speakers from Romania in modern Europe. It is a book about a migration, minorities, and memories in a turbulent and transnational century in modern Europe. Romanian Germans were at the centre of major European events after 1918 and were constantly forced to rethink their identities. From uneasy supporters of Romania, to enthusiastic Nazis, to tepid Communists, to conciliatory Europeans, the story of Romanian Germans in modern Europe intervenes in debates in European history, migration, memory and minority studies.

Dr James Koranyi is a cultural historian of eastern Europe, and is working on a number of other projects relating to the German minorities of Eastern Europe.

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