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Music and Theatre

The Dowrick Suite in Trevelyan College is a 60 seat performance roomThe Dowrick Suite.

The Dowrick Suite

The Dowrick Suite is a 60-seat theatre that is used for musical and theatrical performances. It features theatre-style seating and professional lighting and audio technology. The Dowrick is an extremely popular venue for both rehearsals and performances and can be booked out by any member of Trevelyan College. We’ve enjoyed a rich variety of performances in the Dowrick over the years, from plays to chamber ensembles.

When it isn’t being used by our many musical and theatrical societies the Dowrick is used as a venue for talks and lectures. It also functions as a cinema room for our College film society, 'Films on the Hill'.


The MASH Room

Our MASH room is a soundproof rehearsal and recording space. It is well equipped with amps and recording equipment and is hugely popular among our students. Our students use the MASH room to rehearse and record all kinds of music, from choirs and orchestras to College bands.

The MASH RoomThe MASH Room.

Sir James Knott Hall

The Sir James Knott Hall is a spacious room used as a rehearsal space by our larger musical and theatrical groups. As well as College orchestras the Sir James Knott Hall - or 'JKH', as our students call it - is used by University groups, including the Hill Orchestra and Durham University Palatinate Orchestra.

Small Rehearsal Rooms

There are several small practice rooms around the College. These practice rooms all contain pianos and are excellent spaces for quiet music practice.

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Entry to the H.M. Evans music prize 2021

Constance Froment - Flute, Debussy, Syrinx

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Music at Trevs

The largest event in the Trevs Music calendar was, as always, Live on the Hill. A night of incredible arrangements of songs, singers and musicians, coupled with the bar's speciality cocktails and mocktails, leading to a wonderul night of entertainment and fundraising. 2021-2022 we raised a large sum for Music and the Deaf, which helpsprovide d/Deaf people with the tools and opportunities to access the world of music.

Trevelyan College Music Society

The academic year 2021-2022 saw TCMS's production of Legally Blonde: The Musical. Tickets sold out almost every night before the door sales even opened, and the cast were left with glowing reviews to reflect the enormous amount of effort they had put into the show. 

TCMS 2022Trevelyan College Music Society rehersing for their production of Legally Blonde: The Musical.

Steinway Project

In Easter Term 2021-2022, Trevelyan College recieved six new Steinway pianos as part of the Durham University Project. Durham has become the largest All-Steinway school in the nation, with 61 Steinways throughout the University. This transformative project will enable our students to practice and perform on these wonderful, world-class instruments. The pianos can be used by all students, whether or not they are studyuing piano. 

steinwayThe Principal, Assistant Principal, JCR President and JCR exec in the dining hall with one of the Steinway piano's at Trevelyan.

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Entry to the H. M. Evans music prize 2021

Crystal Lee - Liszt, Un Sospiro

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Trevle Clefs Choir

A new exciting society at Trevelyan College formed last year by our students. 

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We want everyone to feel relaxed and in a comfortable place to be singing.

Ellie Warlow
President of the Trevle Clefs Choir society
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The Manglers Jazz society

The Manglers are our very own Trevs house jazz band who play a variety of music from classic to modern.

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The highlight of our year is our tour that we do in the winter holidays, where we go to somewhere in the UK or further abroad, do some gigs, busking and have a great time.

Thomas Sear
Member of the Manglers Jazz society