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College Funding

Trevelyan provides funding in the form of bursaries, scholarships, and academic awards. You can also apply for University and department funding.

Please note college funding is subject to availability and the dates applications are due to open may change. 

Trevelyan Bursary

From 2020 - 2021 we will be launching our Trevelyan Bursary, a new bursary generously funded by an alumnus. The Trevelyan Bursary will cover the College fees - JCR levy and academic gown - of any home undergraduate student with a household income under £30,000. You do not need to apply for the Trevelyan Bursary - all eligible students who have provided details to Student Finance England will be contacted by the College.

For further information about Trevelyan Bursaries please email our Administration Coordinator

Please see Trevelyan Bursaries 2023-2024 Terms and Conditions

Academic Awards

Trevelyan offers a number of awards for academic excellence. We award prizes of £100 each to the two best performing first-year students in each Faculty, and prizes of £100 each to the two best performing second-year students in each Faculty. In addition to this, we have several academic awards funded by alumni, including:

  • The Joan Bernard Scholarship, a £200 annual award for the highest marks in module assessments in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • The Yvonne Harvey History Prize, a £200 annual award for the highest mark in first-year History exams
  • The Yvonne Harvey Archaeology Prize, a £200 annual award for the highest mark in first-year Archaeology exams
  • The Nigel and Susan Martin Academic Scholarship, a £200 annual prize for the highest overall mark in second-year Maths exams

Durham University Student Support Fund 

The information on the University web pages is for all students: undergraduate, postgraduate, home, overseas, students who are based in Durham and distance learning students.

The Student Support Fund is intended to help with the essential costs of being a student, additional information can be found here

The Explore Fund 

The Explore Fund provides support to current undergraduate and postgraduate students at Trevelyan College, to participate in personal development and student enrichment activities beyond their academic studies. 

Trevelyan Travel Bursaries

Trevelyan has an extensive travel bursary scheme to fund travel for academic and personal development.


University student
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I set up Learn With Us Summer Camp, a student-led initiative aiming to provide online educational videos to children who otherwise would not have access to learning activities. We were recently selected as the winner of the Durham University Best Educational Volunteering Project 2021! I am the founder of Towards My Future, promoting policy change and provide care experienced and estranged students with better emotional and financial support.

Giammarco Di Gregorio
Laidlaw Scholar 2019 and Trevelyan Scholar 2020

Read Giammarco's full SCR Travel report here Giammarco Di-Gregorio

Trevelyan Trust Travel Bursary

The Trevelyan Trust awards bursaries up to the value of £500 each for academic-related travel and fieldwork. Previous successful projects have included research into the traditional music and historical culture of the Gokayama region of Japan, the study of the gendered aspects of war with the Kosovo Centre for Diplomacy. A four-year biological anthropology student took part in an archaeological training course with the Poulton Research Project, tying in with their master's dissertation. Applying principles of human variation from biological anthropology to aid in identifying human remains, in the context of crimes and mass disaster. Involving osteology training and was part of the BBC 4 film ‘Digging for Britain’ aired in November 2019. The student gained hands-on experience and wanted to further their career in this field.

A student sat on the rocks next to the coastline making notes for his research.

SCR Travel Bursary

The SCR awards travel bursaries up to the value of £1,500 for travel related to the non-academic voluntary, charitable, or personal development projects of undergraduates. Previous successful projects have included disaster relief work in North Carolina following Hurricane Florence and a summer programme in human rights in Switzerland. One student travelled to Bali to promote positive mental health, working with SLV Global mental health organisation. Took the opportunity to teach English in two local schools and an orphanage, perform art therapy in a community for individuals with schizophrenia, visit and interact with children at a centre for autism, held therapeutic sessions in the ward and rehabilitation facilities of the local psychiatric hospital, only hospital in Bali of its kind. The project resulted in increased positive mental health and the student gained useful hands-on experience in the field.

A student waring his scrubs ready to go into theater, as part of his medical placement. 

The Marion Zunz Travel Bursary

The Marion Zunz Travel Bursary awards £500 for fieldwork related to any project which benefits the environment. Previous successful projects have included research into the relationship between structural violence and social, health, and environmental wellbeing in the Hambantota District of southeast Sri Lanka. The student researched the social and economic change of the district due to a destructive history, on arrival met by a representative of Child Fund International, a charity that had spent twelve years in the village adding detail and support to the research. The experience moved to teach outside of the lecture theatre and allowed the student to gain a more intimate appreciation of anthropology and the aim of anthropologists. This included keeping appropriate field and experimental notes, learning to perform inductive research and gaining awareness of reflexivity in writing.

A district view of Sri Lanka.

The Greenwood Merit Scholarship

The Greenwood Merit Scholarship awards up to £400 for travel related to China or the Chinese language. This scholarship promotes personal development and can broaden proficient language skills. Previous successful projects have included teaching English in Chinese schools, and volunteering in summer schools in China. This creates an opportunity for cultural exchange and helps students realise their possible career paths. Students have left China with TEFL qualifications (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), and job offers. It promotes confidence building, and skills for the future such as time management, organisation and presentation practice.

A student in a classroom in China teaching school children aged 8-14 years.

The Helena Margaret Biss Scholarship

The Helena Margaret Biss Scholarship awards £450 for academic travel related to an undergraduate degree in Chinese or Classics. Previous successful projects have included studying the Chinese language and culture at Tsinghua. Students awarded this scholarship has taken a year abroad to China, fully immersing into the culture, developing confidence and ability to speak Mandarin. Great improvement in linguistic skills and language development. Students have stated they learn better out of the culture in China as oppose to classroom-based at university. The scholarship was referenced as ‘rewarding’ while experiencing life lessons, academic benefits and personal growth.

A rustic Chinese village close to the Great Wall of China.

The Southern Hemisphere Research Scholarship

The Southern Hemisphere Research Scholarship awards £250 for travel related to academic activity in a Southern hemisphere location. One student travelled to South Africa to develop skills as an anthropologist, this was the first formal fieldwork the student had carried out. The scholarship allowed them to learn more about discipline in relation to studies and understand what it really means to be an anthropologist in the field, describing the involvement as ‘a deeply rewarding experience'. The development of ethnographic skills and the chance to experience a different culture. Students have improved their experimental and observational skills and gained more confidence in their field of writing. The trip to South Africa stimulated the individuals’ ambitions and desire for further fieldwork.

A student exploring wildlife in South Africa.

The Anita Milne Scholarship

The Anita Milne Scholarship awards £200 for travel costs associated with the academic activities of a postgraduate research student of any discipline. One student who received this scholarship was a medical anthropologist who went to Israel to work in a molecular biology Laboratory, researching the effects of early-life conditions on the timing of sexual maturation in women. The student developed their laboratory skills and gained insight into Isreal life and society. The research report was accepted for the Endocrinology session at the Fertility conference 2020 in Edinburgh, which brings together reproductive endocrinology and fertility experts from all over the UK. The student was asked to return as a research assistant for a new pilot migrant study.

A student sat on the hillside in Isreal.