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Middle Common Room

The MCR Executive Committee.

MCR exec 2023 2024

The MCR, or Middle Common Room, is the College's postgraduate community. Trevelyan has an active MCR that regularly participates in College events as well as organising their own social and academic activities. It is run by an elected committee, known as the Exec, and led by an elected MCR President. All postgraduate students at Trevelyan are welcome to join MCR. Mature students (anyone over the age of 21 when starting their undergraduate degree) are also invited to join the MCR if they wish, as are final year undergraduates on four-year courses.

MCR image CropTrevelyan postgraduate students exploring Durham City.

Trevelyan has a large resident postgraduate population. MCR activity in College centres around its common room, the Mowlam Room, named for one of Trevelyan's most famous alumni, Mo Mowlam. The Middle Common Room exists to enrich the student experience of all postgraduate students. It provides a supportive, diverse, and close-knit community where everyone is welcome.

You can read more about Trevelyan MCR, including membership options, on the MCR website.

MCR exec 2021 CropTrevelyan postgraduate students at Durham Cathedral for the postgraduate University matriculation.

MCR Halloween 21 CropMCR Halloween social night.