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Junior Common Room

JCR exec 23 24(The JCR Executive 2023 2024) 

The JCR, or Junior Common Room, is the College's undergraduate community. Trevelyan JCR is governed by a thirteen-person team known as the Exec (short for Executive Committee). Each team member is elected to a position with a specific remit - there is a Treasurer who deals with common room finances, a Social Chair who deals with social events, and so on. The exec is headed by the JCR President, an elected sabbatical position, who has overall responsibility for the common room and represents their members' views to the college and wider University.

Trevelyan's JCR is at the heart of undergraduate College life. As such, nearly all of our undergraduate students choose to become JCR members. The JCR subsidises sports and societies, organises formal dinners and events, and runs services such as the College Bar and Buttery. As such, you need to be a JCR member in order to participate in such activities, including playing sport for the College, voting in elections, and attending most events. The JCR also provide vital services such as peer welfare support and coordinating college volunteering and outreach activities.

For more detail about the Junior Common Room, including exec positions and how to sign up for membership, visit the JCR website.

The Junior Common Room at Trevelyan CollegeThe upper JCR social space.

Pool table CropThe lower JCR social space.