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Lipid Membranes Affected by Small Molecules

A novel investigation by the research group of Dr John Sanderson describing the effects of small organic molecules on lipid membranes revealed that reactivity with lipids depends on the structure - not on the lipophilicity - of the small molecule.
Research laboratory at Durham University Chemistry department

Smart Biofilm

Durham Scientists have harnessed bio-techniques to create a new generation of smart electroceutical substrates that can be combined with bandages and surfaces to detect bacteria activity, destroy bacterial biofilms reducing the use of antibiotics, by improving their efficacy.

Hidden Chiral Fingerprinting

Lewis MacKenzie and Rob Pal have published a review article in Nature Reviews Chemistry, setting out how brightly emitting chiral lanthanide complexes can be used to encode a hidden chiral fingerprint into advanced security inks.
World’s Frst Rapid Circular Polarisation Luminescence Spectrometer