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This page shows examples of TEI good practice highlighted by the External Examiners and the ULOs in their reports, in areas related to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Click on the links below to jump to Good Practice ideas on each topic.





Support for students with disabilities


EDI - General TEI
1 CMS 3441 Justice, Environment and Mission boasts an excellent syllabus and set of resources. Ripon College (2020-21)
2 The TEI include questions on student experience of diversity and inclusion in module evaluation forms. St Augustine’s (2020-21)
3 The TEI demonstrates good practice in the way in which key topics are sometimes co-taught by tutors with different perspectives. St Augustine’s (2020-21)
4 One centre continues to commend the idea of having a safeguarding professional on the governing body of TEIs and/or their constituent bodies. YTEP (2020-21)
5 The YTEP Good Practice Group is itself an example of good practice which could be shared with other TEIs. This allows dissemination and discussion of good practice within the centres. The group has many items on the agenda, including the standardisation of marking and EDI.  YTEP (2020-21)


Climate TEI
1 The Council at one centre has recognised the Climate Emergency, called a student-staff planning group, and made provision to report on their carbon footprint at Resources Committee and Council Meetings.    YTEP (2020-21)


Gender TEI
1 The Five Guiding Principles relating to women’s ordination had been used to open up discussion on gender in the C of E.  Theological reflection had not been used as an explicit tool but the intention was to do so more overtly re Living in love and faith next year.  Chaplains were explicitly available to support students with deep personal issues. ERMC (2020-21)


Race TEI
1 The TEI's has introduced Anti-Racism workshops for all students, and holds ongoing “Engaging Difference” sessions during induction. Ripon College (2020-21)
2 The TEI's study day on anti-racism hosted by Eve Parker had been really positive.  Brief fictional scenarios had encouraged students to reflect openly in small groups, and perhaps recognise their own bias in a way that was unthreatening. SCTEI (2020-21)
3 The TEI are introducing a mentoring scheme to pair each member of their teaching staff up with a Black scholar or church leader in a related field St Augustine’s (2020-21)
4 The TEI has seen the introduction of an Ethnic Minorities Representative to ensure that issues of equality and diversity are promoted in the student body, and they plan to seek views from UKME/GMH alumni on how to better diversify reading lists.  Wycliffe (2020-21)
5 The addition of GMH perspectives to the teaching observation feedback form is a positive which could be disseminated to other TEIs. Lindisfarne (2020-21)


Support for students with disabilities TEI
1 The ASE makes clear that the TEI has been attending to questions of equality and diversity in the design of teaching and learning, and this work is ongoing.  The ULO particularly wished to highlight the policy for students with Specific Learning Difficulties in the TEI’s IME Handbook. This is a thoughtful, clear, and comprehensive policy. SEI (2020-21)
2 The appointment of a support tutor with a particular background in dyslexia and supporting additional needs has been incredibly valuable to the TEI. It has helped the TEI to attract a disproportionate number of students with additional needs, as they know they will be well-supported. TBBC (2020-21)
3 The College has been engaged in a proactive effort to identify students who might benefit from additional support from the Academic Skills Tutors. The intention has been for students with particular characteristics to be flagged at the Admissions stage, and then contacted early in the term, to ensure a plan of support is in place. As a larger TEI institution, the College has benefitted from formalising this process to ensure no student finds themselves without appropriate support through the transition into academic study.  Ministry Division have already adopted a part of this process (the ability to flag student submissions as being SPLD on Moodle) and offered this ability to the other TEIs across the country. St Mellitus College (2021-22)
4 The TEI has set up a Disability Support Group as part of its commitment to ongoing work around access for students with disabilities.  Ripon College, Cuddesdon (2021-22)

The embedding of the work of the support tutor for SEN into the Preparing to Learn module has been significant in making this work integral to the TEI’s SEN provision, rather than an add on. 

ERMC (2021-22)