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These comments relate to examples of TEIs' good practice in using online learning resources, which were highlighted by the External Examiners and the ULOs in their reports.

  Learning Resources TEI
1 The TEI employed professional consultants to develop Moodle into a customised VLE with bespoke pedagogical features, designed to feel more like a website to its users – described by their External Examiner as ‘the best VLE they had ever used’. All Saints Centre (2020-21)
2 The TEI makes creative use of the full range of tools on Moodle including video resources, forums, quizzes, feedback activities and wikis to enhance active learning in a ‘flipped classroom’ model. CCL (2020-21)
3 Excellent use of internet resources with links to the VLE, short presentations, YouTube, as well as a broad array of teaching material, all accessible on the VLE. Queen's (2020-21)
4 The comprehensive range of online module resources provides students with a superb resource to enhance their learning success. Ripon College (2020-21)
5 The Moodle pages seen by the students are uncluttered and consistently set out, so students always know where to find things, especially guidance on assignments. SEI (2020-21)

The TEI’s use of the new Zoom Room and OWL technology has changed the learning experience for external and internal Ordinand students for the better. The conversion of a lecture room into a Zoom Room with built-in microphones and large screens has been a significant and worthwhile investment, allowing for genuine hybrid teaching at a high-quality level.

St Stephen's House (2021-22)
7 The teaching team is clearly very engaged: the use of podcasts, PowerPoints, handouts, with an excellent use of electronic research (links to relevant articles, Youtube videos etc) forms a solid support for students.  Queen's (2020-21)

Online jot forms have been introduced for academic process and progression forms which are student led (Independent Learning Plan, Mitigation, Serious Adverse Circumstances, Suspension, Withdrawal). Students access the forms via Moodle and on submission, the form is sent to personal tutor, Director of Studies, Registry, and other colleagues for approval or action. This change in academic administration has improved the speed and consistency of managing such requests.

Queen's (2021-22)

The External Examiner noted that the addition of the ‘Going Deeper’ resources of OXF 2121 Topics in Christian Doctrine is worthy of wider adoption.

SCTEI (2021-22)