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Current PhD students



Table showing names and contact details of current PhD students
Name Research area
Aida Abbashar Constitution-making in Sudan  
Neil Achary An assessment of Black Consciousness political parties in South Africa between 1994 and 2014
Amira Al-harthi Omani merchants in Zanzibar textiles trade in the nineteenth century 

Rachel Anderson (nee Clamp)

Keeping the Diseased: Plague Nursing, Care and Bodywork in Early Modern England c.1570-1665
Natasha Anson Nostalgia and the transformation of working-class heritage
Sahava Baranow Projected Identities:
Displaying and gendering Japanese objects in Europe and America, 1862-2013 
Marie Bigotte

The politics of space applied to French and English princely gardens in the early modern period

Constance Booker A Cultural Plutocracy? Transnational families and the display of luxury goods in Britain and in France between 1870 and 1930
Jacqueline Brooks The Vipond family of Alston Moor and the City of Durham: the impact of non-conformity on family status in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries 
Daniel Burrell British cremation movement  
Lily Chadwick Female Ministry in the Transatlantic Quaker Community, 1650-1700 
Chi Chuk Early Modern History of England: Religious politics of 17th Century England 
Matthew Clayton

Images of Rome in 12th Century English and German Historigraphy

Austin Collins Influence of the Early Modern French Monarchy in Material, Visual, and Spatial Culture, 1547-1589
Bridget Cox The late medieval history of archives and record-keeping 
James Cronin Historical writing and research in the Benedictine monastic communities of late medieval England
Hana Cutts-Smith Forcible Transfer of Children, Cultural Genocide in Aotearoa (New Zealand)
Daniel Doherty Anti-Abolitionist Violence in the Antebellum North, 1840-1845
Razvan Dumitru ‘We lived with it, we were born with it and we have the tradition in our blood’: Local identities among Transylvanian Romanians between 1918 and 1948
Toby Donegan-Cross Food production and consumption on Durham Priory’s estate, c. 1250–1500
Simon Feasey Popular political speech in the 1530s 
Gabriel Fidler Comparative History of Norman England and Italy 
Adam Fletcher Learning for Salvation’s Sake: Durham Cathedral Priory and the Scholastic Revolution, c.1083-c.1200 
Alastair Forbes Anglo-Norman Monastic Conceptualisations on the Place, Nature, and Fate of the milites, c. 1050 – 1150
James Goodwin A bottom up approach to the art market: what was the influence of artists in the late 18th century British art market? The case of Johan Zoffany 
Janet Gormley Augustine’s historiography and its interpretation in the High Middle Ages with particular focus on the Spiritual Franciscans. 
Alexander Hibberts The Sustainability of Settlement and Exploitation of Liminal Environments in the North Sea Region, c.1150-1400 
Katherine Holderith Book as Body: The Continuity of Female Sanctity within the Textual Communities of British Nunneries through the Norman Conquest

Lucy Jameson

Disabled Innovation and the British Post Office

Arielle Jasiewicz-Gill

The Influence of St Bridget of Sweden on the Textual Programme of Fifteenth-Century Books of Hours. 

Nancy Johnson

The Court of Mary Queen of Scots 
Grant Jones Pastoral Care and Chivalric Culture in England, c.1150-1250
Manish Kumar Timber imports and the British economy c. 1660-1860 
Hasaam Latif The Forgotten Sailors: Lascars, Homelands and 20th Century British Empire 
John Livesley John Pearson (1613-1686): the renewal of English Theological Discourse in the Age of Reason?    
Matthew Lumley Greek and Latin Monasticism in Southern Italy during the Crusader Era
Hugo Lunn Premature Succession: Rebellion of Heirs Apparent in the 11th-13th centuries
Mark Markov Wars not fought: Neutrality and European Navies in American Waters during the US Civil War 
Nicola McNeil Landscape and Gender in Seventh to Tenth-Century England
Isobel Muir Jewish Collectors and Donors at the National Gallery (c.1830-1945), a Collaborative Doctoral Partnership with the National Gallery, London 
Avarna Ojha Corruption in India-Evolution through moments of crisis
Adam O'Taylor Rethinking the entangled past of  church landed classes and coalmining communities
Georgia Parkes-Russell  Chivalry during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.
Jamie Paterno-Ostmann Making Chocolate in the British Atlantic World: Foodways, Consumption and Heritage

Ashleigh Percival-Borley

Oral History, the British Cultural Imaginary, and the Lives of the SOE’s Amateur Agents’ (as part of the Leverhulme Trust Research Project ‘The SOE, Covert Action, and the British Cultural Imaginary’)

Yaling Peng

William Laud's Thought of ‘Enriching the People’ and His Religious Reform
William Raybould The aristocracy and royal power in Scandinavia 900-1300 
Friederike Schwelle Modern Jews and Ancient Egypt: Patrons, Collectors and Scholars in Europe c1880-1950
Benjamin Sharp The Earl of Danby, English absolutism and the origins of the English empire 1673-1679
Zoe Shipley Controlling the image of Meiji Japan: photographic depictions of modernisation, 1870-1900
Natasha Shoory From the Footnotes to the Focus: Re-discovering, Re-examining, and Re-contextualising Female Collectors of the Ancien Régime
Isaiah Silvers The institutional transformations of sensibility, or sympathy, in the 18th century Atlantic world. 
Alastair Smurthwaite Ungovernable Prophets: Samuel Fisher and radical religious thoughts in England 1649-1665
Harriet Claire Strahl

The world to come: 12th-century Chroniclers Attitudes to the secular future

Rhys Sutton-Harry Keeping Time: A Cultural History of Time and Timekeeping in Late Medieval England
Florence Swan The Transmission of Taste c. 1200-c.1400  
Avril Taylor The interaction between the royal courts and households of James I, II, III and IV of Scotland 
Camilla Thompson

Examination of royal patronized performance and literary publications during Mary Tudor’s reign

Stephen Twort The history of animal-human power relations in the United Kingdom, c.1930-present 
Joshua Whiteman-Gardner Obedience and Subversion: The Divine Right of Kings and the Late Stuarts 
Mark Wilson Geographies of Persecution: Place, Space, Emotion and Memory in Personal Accounts of the Holocaust in France
Emma Yeo Considering the existence/lack of a seventeenth century 'General Crisis', within the context of studies of individual communities within the North East of England 
Jiarui Yu Journey to Northumbria: Chinese Visit and Elswick Cemetery
Cara Zhao Learning Art from the Soviet Union: Chinese Students in the Ilya Repin Leningrad Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in the 1950s 


PhD graduates


Table showing names and contact details of PhD graduates
Name Research area
Dr. Daniel Adamson The portrayal - in educational settings - of the relationship between Britain and the Holocaust
Dr. Margaret Armstrong The Medical Services of the New Poor Law in County Durham 1834-1910
Dr. Katharine Bader A Culture of Inquiry: Scientific Thought and its Transmission in the Severn Valley, c.1090 - c.1150
Dr Mark Bennett  
Dr Matthew Sterling Benson Taxation, Local Government and Social Control in Sudan and South Soudan 1899-1956
Dr. Bethany Brewer Women and the Rwandan Gacaca Courts: Gender, Genocide and Justice
Dr Adrian Browne

Classificatory violence: difference, discipline, and (de)gradation in Uganda's northern Albertine Rift, c.1860 to c.1991

Dr. Ngala Chome

Moral debate and political action in Mombasa 1895-1990

Dr. Walker Christian

Unio mystica and the aurora consurgens: mystical theology in a late medeival alchemical treatise
Dr Harry Cross

Banking and finance in Sudan 1956 to 1970 

Dr Ana de Oliveira Dias  
Dr. Christian Drury British Narratives of Arctic Travel and Exploration, 1875-1940
Dr. Razvan Dumitru Ploughmen’s Society: A Prosopography of an Agrarian Community from Transylvania on the Eve of Modernity 
Dr Finola Finn  
Dr Yotam Gidron The Nuer Messianic Jewish Movement: authority and authenticity in Ethiopia's western frontierlands
Dr Sarah Gilbert Anglo-Saxon medical recipes in non-medical manuscripts: matters of culture, context and community
Dr. Andrew Green Resistance and Rebellion against King Charles VII of France (1422-1461): A Study of Noble Networks and French Politics in the Fifteenth Century. 
Dr. Yundi Guo Classical music culture in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and in Anglo-GDR relations under Honecker (1971-1989)
Dr Barbara Hargreaves Not 'For Medicinal Use Only' Healthcare Narratives in Saints' Lives from Twelfth-Century England
Dr Rachael Harkes Joining a Fraternity in Late Medieval England: The Case of the Palmers' Guild of Ludlow, c.1250-1551
Dr Lydia Harris Vitam mortalem, mortem vitalem: Abortion and Contraception in the High Middle Ages, 950-1200
Dr. Chi-Hsin Huang Jeremy Collier and the Moral Reform of Politics, 1688-1722

Dr. Jamie Irvine

Causal origins of the ‘Religious movement of the Middle ages’: Cluny, Tiron, and the New Orders, 910-1156

Dr Alexandra Jordan Breton hagiography from the ninth and twelfth Centuries 
Dr Thomas Kearns The intellectual history of the Anglo-Saxon Church
Dr. Fergal Leonard Faction, Patronage, and Political Networks in the West March, 1569 – 1603
Dr. Carrie Long ‘Yours Humbly, Sincerely, and Obediently’? The Social Agency of Lone Women’s Petitions c.1789- 1850 
Dr. Maksymilian Loth-hill The Politics of History and Culture in Stalinist Poland: Museology and the Construction of a ‘Usable Past’, 1945-1956 
Dr Thomas Lowman Beyond Idi Amin: Causes and Drivers of Political Violence in Uganda (1971-1979)
Dr. Newby Mccabe ‘The real women’s party’: The social, cultural, and educational life of Labour Women between the wars. 
Dr Lindsay Macnaughton Archiving the Revolution: Collecting French History in Nineteenth-Century Britain 
Dr. Antonia Miejluk Snapshot Photography in the Interwar Soviet Union
Dr. Mathew Norman Portrait Drawing in Three Generations of the Bacon Family
Dr Kate Marlow The Formation of Ethnic Identity in Anglo-Saxon England (700-1066) and Medieval Iceland (900-1264)
Dr Rachael Matthews The Book, the Body, and the Mirror: The Use of Metaphor in the Writings of Marguerite Porete and Marguerite d'Oingt
Dr. Sarah McCook Reasonable Latitude: Learning and Adaptability in British Army Despatch Riders During the Second World War 
Dr Marcus Meer Cities, Citizens, and their Signs: Heraldic Communication and Urban Visual Culture in Late Medieval England and Germany
Dr Callum Murrell Theories of Politics and the Politics of Theory: Aspects of Power and Discourse in Early Modern England
Dr Antonia Perna Childhood, Politics and Patriotism in Revolutionary France, 1789–99
Dr Kirstyn Raitz Urban Prostitution in London and Paris, 1650-1800
Dr Kathleen Reynolds Sickness in Correspondence: gentry letter writing and the subject of health in eighteenth century Yorkshire and the North-East
Dr Caroline Smith The Palaces of the Bishops of Durham: Archaeological and Historical Perspectives AD 1100 – 1550
Dr. Rhiannon Snaith The Politics of Noble Reputation in Late Medieval England, 1377-1437.
Dr. Ciara Stewart Irish Women and Political Petitioning, c. 1870-1918 
Dr. James Taffe

Reconstructing the queen’s household, 1485 – 1547: a study in royal service

Dr Marina Tymviou Charlotte of Lusignan and Caterina Cornaro: The Politics of Queenship and Identity in Cyprus and Italy 1458-1861
Dr. Ryan Wicklund Agriculture Management and Market Responsiveness in Medieval County Durham