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Chemistry for Change

Durham Chemistry undertakes blue-skies research to develop transformative new materials and methods that will disrupt current technologies or change the discipline and to exploit developments for applications in areas beyond chemistry ranging from heritage science to medicine and diagnostics.

Research Section Members

Prof Mark Wilson (Head of Section)

Research Areas: Simulation of soft matter, polymers, surfaces and interfaces, liquid crystals, surfactants and self-assembly, membranes, proteins
MWilson Final

Prof Andy Beeby

Research Areas: Molecular conductors, Cyclometalated iridium complexes, Pigments of Medieval manuscripts, Sensitised luminescence from lanthanide ions
ABeeby Final

Dr Patrycja Brook

Research Areas: Organoboron materials, Electronic Energy Transfer, Room Temperature Phosphorescence, Molecular probes and sensors
PBrook Final

Prof Martin Bryce

Research Areas: Optoelectronic Materials, Molecular and Nanoscale Electronics, Molecules for Theranostic Applications
MBryce Final

Dr Jemma Gibbard

Research Areas: Photodissociation as a source of non-thermal chemistry, Dissociation dynamics of complex ions, Development of a novel translational spectrometer
JGibbard Final

Prof Paul Hodgkinson

Research Areas: Solid-state NMR, NMR crystallography, Disorder in solids, Other techniques, Theory
PHodgkinson Final

Prof Jeremy Hutson

Research Areas: Production and properties of alkali metal dimers, Sympathetic cooling, Novel properties of ultracold molecules
JHutson Final

Prof Ritu Kataky

Research Areas: Bacterial Biofilms: detection and destruction, Electrochemical sensors technology
RKataky Final

Dr Mark Miller

Research Areas: Computer Simulation, Soft Matter, Coarse-grained modelling, Membrane-water partitioning, Percolation
MMiller Final

Prof David Tozer

Research Areas: Electronic excited states, Density scaling, Negative electron affinities, Magnetic response parameters
DTozer Final

Prof Jan Verlet

Research Areas: Dynamics of electron-driven chemistry, Dynamics of (bio)chromophores, Dynamics of anion non-valence states, Dynamics of isolated polyanions,
JVerlet Final

Prof Gareth Williams

Research Areas: Light-emitting materials, OLEDs (Organic Light-Emitting Devices), Ligand synthesis, preparation of coordination complexes and organometallic compounds,
GJWilliams Final

Dr Eckart Wrede

Research Areas: Precision spectroscopic quantification of trace gases for health and environmental applications, Chemical dynamics and kinetics of gas-phase reactions
EWrede Final