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Non-European Incoming Exchange

Durham University has student exchange agreements with selected universities in non-European destinations. Under these agreements we send and receive a number of students for a visiting period of normally one academic year. Most exchanges are set up at undergraduate level, though a few postgraduate opportunities exist.
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Is my university a non-European Exchange partner university?

Durham is currently linked with non-European partner universities in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, China/Hong Kong, Colombia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and USA. A list can be found below. We are constantly expanding our network of partners. Students from European partners should apply through the European Incoming Exchange Programme. Should your university not have an exchange agreement, you are welcome to apply through the Fee-Paying Study Abroad Programme.

Why study as an exchange student at Durham?

A year at Durham is a year like no other. Here you will not be a tourist, you get an amazing British experience and be part of something special. You will be:

  • studying in inspiring surroundings, set in an historic UNESCO university city;
  • part of our unique College system providing a strong sense of community and support - all students are members of a College;
  • able to experience opportunities to participate in a wide range of sports and other activities, both at University and college level;
  • supported by an excellent network of welfare services, including a dedicated Global Opportunities Team and a personal College Tutor.
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Did you know?

Colleges provide a social, domestic and pastoral focus and help individuals flourish through mentoring and involvement with college life, sports & societies and community engagement. Students from non-European partners coming for the full academic year are guaranteed in-College accommodation.

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List of all non-European exchange partners


China (Mainland)

Hong Kong









New Zealand


There are more than 250+ European agreements, many of which are specific to students from individual departments. For this reason, please visit the European Exchanges page for further details. 

Latin America

North America