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Fees and Funding

Tuition fees and college accommodation 

Information about Tuition Fees can be found in the following locations:

Undergraduate Finance

Postgraduate Finance

Information about college accommodation costs, which are standardised across all the colleges, can be found here: 

Undergraduate College Accommodation Costs  

Postgraduate College Accommodation Costs 

Funding support 

Our Finance and Student Support teams are here to help if you are experiencing financial hardship, or there is a delay in your funding. More detailed information on how to pay for accommodation, additional services, and tuition is sent out to new students as part of their welcome packs by email before the start of the academic year.

Stephenson College provides Connections Grants of up to £250 to enable students to undertake aspirational activities that further their personal development beyond the requirements of their degree. You can apply as an individual or as a group. Applications rounds are opened three times per year. 

College also has a Participation Fund where students can apply for a grant to enable them to engage in student enrichment activities and the wider student experience, which for financial reasons they may not otherwise to be able to engage with. Students are able to request support for the following:

- Engagement in JCR clubs and societies
- Engagement in Durham Students' Union societies
- College gym pass
- Signature College/JCR events
- JCR/MCR levy payments

Eligible Stephenson students can also access University financial support. 

Join a Common Room 

We encourage all Stephenson College students to join one of our Common Rooms: the Junior Common Room (JCR) for undergraduates or the Middle Common Room (MCR) for postgraduates.  

Both Common Rooms organise and run a huge amount of events, opportunities and support for their members. Membership of either the JCR or MCR offers a wide programme of annual events, from cultural events to the opportunity to participate in our wide range of clubs, sports and societies. Joining is entirely your own choice, but if you choose not to join a Common Room, you will not be automatically able to participate in their annual programmes of events and you will need to pay extra to join these events. Details of membership levies are made available to all new students.