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Academic staff


Table showing names and contact details of academic staff
Name Position Contact details
Dr Sare Aricanli Assistant Professor (Early Modern and Modern Chinese History)
Dr Christopher Bahl Assistant Professor (South Asian History)
Dr Alex Barber Associate Professor (Early Modern British History)
Dr Robin Bates Teaching Fellow (Modern American History) 
Dr Adam Bronson Associate Professor (Modern Japanese History)
Dr Alex Brown Associate Professor (Late Medieval and Early Modern British History)
Dr James Callanan Assistant Professor (Teaching) (US History)
Dr Benedetta Carnaghi British Academy Newton International Fellow
Dr Laura Channing Assistant Professor in Economic History (since 1750)
Dr Vic Clarke Lecturer in Modern British Social History 
Dr Kelly Clarke-Neish Part time tutor (Medieval History) 
Professor Rebecca Clifford Professor (European and Transnational History)
Dr Chris Courtney Associate Professor (Modern Chinese History)
Dr David Craig Associate Professor (Modern British History)
Dr Barbara Crosbie Associate Professor (Early Modern British History)
Professor Sarah Davies Professor (Modern Russian and European History)
Professor Richard Gameson Professor (History of the Book)
Professor Giles Gasper Professor (High Medieval History)
Dr Adrian Green Associate Professor (Early Modern British and American History)
Dr Catherine Hailstone Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr Tom Hamilton Director of Research/Associate Professor (Early Modern European History)
Dr Anne Heffernan Associate Professor (Southern African History)
Dr Amanda Herbert Associate Professor (Early Modern Americas) 
Professor Richard Huzzey Professor (Modern British History)
Dr Iker Itoiz-Ciáurriz Teaching Fellow in Modern European History
Dr Theresa Jäckh Researcher
Dr Marc Jaffré Lecturer (Early Modern European History) 
Dr Matthew Johnson Director of Education/Associate Professor (Modern British History)
Dr Rachel Johnson Assistant Professor (Modern African History)
Dr Radha Kapuria Assistant Professor in South Asian History
Professor Barbara Keys Professor (US History)
Dr James Koranyi Chair of Examiners/Associate Professor (Modern European Cultural History)
Dr John Lee Assistant Professor (East Asian History)
Professor Cherry Leonardi Professor (Modern African History)
Dr Liam Liburd Assistant Professor (Black British History) 
Professor Christian Liddy Professor (Late Medieval History)
Dr Daisy Livingston Assistant Professor (Medieval Islamic History)
Dr Naomi Lloyd-Jones Leverhulme Early Career Fellow  
Mr Maksymilian Loth-Hill Teaching Fellow (Modern European History)
Dr Nicholas McGee Lecturer (Modern Chinese History) 
Dr Coreen McGuire Assistant Professor (Twentieth-Century British History)
Dr Vicky Manolopoulou Lecturer (History 300-1000 CE)

Dr Gabriele Marcon Lecturer in European History (1450-1750)

Dr Julie Marfany Associate Professor (Early Modern and Modern Economic and Social History)
Dr Joseph D. Martin Associate Professor (History of Science and Technology)
Dr Harry Mawdsley Assistant Professor (History in the period c.300 to c.950) 
Professor Natalie Mears Professor (Early Modern British History)
Dr Henry Miller Associate Professor (Research)
Dr David Minto Assistant Professor (Modern British History)
Dr Andrzej Olechnowicz Assistant Professor (Teaching) (Modern British History)
Dr Toby Osborne Associate Professor (Early Modern European History)
Dr Antonia Perna Lecturer (Modern European History) 
Dr Markian Prokopovych Associate Professor (Modern European Cultural History)
Dr Joshua Rhodes British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow 
Professor Christina Riggs Professor (History of Visual Culture)
Dr Helen Roche Associate Professor (Modern European Cultural History)
Professor Jonathan Saha Professor (South Asian History)
Professor Len Scales Head of Department/Professor (Late Medieval History)
Professor Kay Schiller Professor (Modern European History)
Dr David Schley Teaching Fellow (Modern American History)
Professor Graeme Small Director of Postgraduate Studies (Research)/Professor (Late Medieval History)
Dr Thomas Stammers Associate Professor (Modern European Cultural History)
Professor Julie-Marie Strange Professor (Modern British History)
Professor Stephen Taylor Professor (Early Modern British History)
Dr Kate Tinson Postdoctoral Research Associate in Medieval History 
Dr Gabriella Treglia Assistant Professor (Modern American History)
Dr Justine Trombley Lecturer in European History, 1300-1500 
Dr Ruben Verwaal NWO Rubicon Research Fellow
Dr Nadine Viermann Assistant Professor (History of Late Antiquity and Early Byzantium)  
Dr Kevin Waite Associate Professor (Modern American History)
Dr Jacob Wiebel Assistant Professor (Modern African History)
Dr Theo Williams Lecturer (Modern British History)
Professor Justin Willis Professor (Modern African History)
Professor Andy Wood Professor (Early Modern Social History)